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Codex Alera and Chrno Crusade

[10] Chrno Crusade
[10] Codex Alera

chrno crusade chrno crusade codex alera codex alera

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Eee, ILU!! Taking some of the Codex Alera ones. These are awesome! Thanks!
Glad you like them. There will be definitely more soon. :D
Swiping some of the Codex Alera ones! Thanks!
You're welcome.

Planning on making more icons, just need to find a decent site with book quotes. *lol*
Yay! :D
These are very cool. I love the Codex Alera ones :D
Love the Alera icons, particularly the symbols for the knights. I was curious, though, if you planned to also do the Knights Ferrous and Flora, and what they'd look like.
Glad you like them. As for the symbols, for Flora I'd do maybe a leaf shaped one or tree shaped and for Ferrous, really no idea. A sword maybe or anvil?
While the Flora one is fairly obviously the good choice, it occured to me last night that what might be cool for Knights Ferrous would be the alchemical symbol for iron--which is the same as the symbol for Mars, which is fairly neat as metalcrafters are the swordsmen. It's the circle with the arrow? It would also allow for continuing that pattern with the swirlyness.
That's an interesting idea. I never knew that there's a symbol for iron beside Fe. Yes the mars symbol is

I guess we have to wait and see what they come up with.
late to the partay.

snagged the codex alera knight symbol icons. Did you get your base symbols from the map he released? http://www.jim-butcher.com/news/000348.php -- that has the Ferrous and Flora symbols in it. I dunno if you're long-gone out of the icon-making phase or not. just wondered if you knew about the map.
Thanks much for the icons < 3
Hey, thanks for the comment. No am not gone, stupid real life takes over my life at the moment. ;)

I took the symbols are from the bookcovers. British paperback version I think it is. The map came out much later, but the symbols on both, books and map are the same anyways.

Rukia ♥
7 is gorgeous. So sweet. So sad.
Love the Codex Alera ones!
Will be taking a few.
Thank you and enjoy! :)


Giving credit

I'd like to steal some of these for my tumblr icon, because they are LOVELY :D
I'm not quite sure how to give credit for these, so i will just leave an "icon credit to mad_tenshi at lj"
hope this is okay, and thanks for the icons!

Re: Giving credit

Glad you like them. Thank you for stealing. ;)

yes, that's totally fine.